How to brush teeth properly?

How to brush teeth properly?

How to brush teeth properly?


Most of us learned to brush our teeth when we were children and have the same technique throughout our lives. Unfortunately, many of us learned the wrong way. Even if we learn the correct method, it's easy to become sloppy over the years. Brushing correctly isn't instinctive. 

→ Getting the bristles to remove without damaging your gums is little trickier than you think.

→ There are different ways to brush teeth, and your dentist or dental hygienist can show you the method that he or she feels would be best for you. The modified bass technique is among the most popular for adults ans is very effective in removing plaque above and just below the gum line.

→ Children, however, may find it difficult to move the toothbrush this way. A dentist or dental hygienist can explain to your child the best way to brush. Parents should supervise their children's oral hygiene until age 9 or 10.

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                           ➧Here are a few general pointers about brushing:

Brush at least twice a day -

Many oral health professionals recommend brushing just before going to bed.
When you sleep, saliva decreases, leaving the teeth more vulnerable to bacterial acids. Teeth should be also brushed in the morning, either before or after breakfast, depending on your schedule. 

⇨ Brush no more three times a day -

Brushing after lunch will give you a good mid-day cleaning. Remember, though that brushing too often can cause gums to recede over time.

⇨ Brush lightly - 

Brushing too hard can cause gums to recede. Plaque attaches to teeth like jam sticks to a wooden spoon.

⇨ Brush for at least two minutes - 

Set a timer if you have to, but don't skimp on brushing time. Longer is fine, but two minutes is the minimum time needed to adequately clean all your teeth.

➱ How To Brush

Modified Bass brushing technique:

⇾  Hold the head of the toothbrush horizontally against your teeth with the bristles part-way the gums. Like this...

⇾  Tilt the brush head to about a 45- degree angle, so the bristles are pointing under the gum line.

⇾ Move the toothbrush in very short horizontal strokes so the tips of the bristles stay in one place, but the head of the brush waggles back and forth. Or use tiny circular motions. Do this for about 20 strokes.

⇾ Roll or flick  the brush so that the bristles move out from under the gum towards the biting edge of the tooth. This helps move the plaque out from the gum line.

⇾ Repeat for every tooth, so that all tooth surfaces and gum lines are cleaned.


Many people never learned to floss as children. But flossing is critical to healthy gums and it's never too late to start. A common rule of thumb says that any difficult new habit becomes second nature after only three weeks. If you have difficult figuring out what to do, ask your dentist for a personal lesson.

Here are a few general pointers about flossing:

Floss once a day - Although there is no research to recommend an optimum number of times to floss, most dentists recommend a through flossing at least once a day. 

⇾ Take your time - Flossing requires a certain amount of dexterity and though. Don't rush.

⇾ Choose your own time - Although most people find that just before bed is an ideal time, many oral health professionals recommend flossing any time is most convenient to ensure that you will continue to floss regularly.



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