''gym diet for vegetarian people''

''gym diet for vegetarian people''

Best gym diet plan for vegetarian people!

Hello everyone!
So, i am very excited to share my full day Diet, which i follow to maintain a Healthy and Fit Body!

➩So without wasting any time lets start....

1. As you wake up in morning(green tea+honey) will give you the morning boost.

2.Morning breakfast!

(oats+10 almonds+5 walnut+1 spoon peanut butter+1banana+cocoa powder+ warm milk)  &

You are ready for the world warrrrrrrr😂.


brocolli+any dal+ 2 chapati+ curd+salads.....

4. Before workout!( 30 min before workout)

3 or 4 bananas with milk..


(broccoli+ brown rice+onions+salads)

6.Before bed!

(1 glass milk+ 5 almonds(badams)).

After workout i prefer ON whey protien+1 banana.

Trust me guys, this is enough to be muscular or bulky or put on heavy mass!

If you really find this info helpfull pls guys share with your friends and support my efforts!

Thank you for reading this!

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